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shopee data software "pa" available, crack shopee novice seller 7 large difficulties


shopee novice seller how in the hot southeast asia market steady?

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amazon layout singapore, let over 23 billion us yuan scale of southeast asia e-commerce market again a blazing flame. to qoo10, shopee, lazada as matrix of mainstream business platform has preemption southeast asia most of the market share. among them, possession of tencent shares blessing of shopee in just a few years rapid growth, won a large number of chinese sellers.

market, platform is good, but shopee novice seller process of operation in the inevitable bumps. for example on market and platform lack profound analysis and understand, don't understand optimization drainage, control management cost, how to crack?

from amazon layout singapore see southeast asia burst fire

" amazon layout singapore is ripe, a matter of reason "power pa shopee project leader princess said. one hand, as the field of cross-border electricity suppliers mainstream platform, amazon has a mature market insights and strategy layout, for example, as early as 2017, amazon has been in singapore local set for office; other hand, singapore in southeast asia is "small populations", but is "economic power ". such as chinese population 1.4 billion, per capita gdp at about 9000 dollars, but singapore population only 5.6 million, per capita gdp came to nearly 60 thousand dollars, mobile users up to 80% more. as can be seen from this point singapore is a high consumption capabilities, also reflects amazon strategic style, tendency from strong economic area.

therefore, amazon choice used singapore as a venture into southeast asia first end result also understandable. but why in recent years, southeast asia market has attracted many mainstream e-commerce platforms, and many cross-border shipping attention? it why so fire?

1, belt important areas. as china and countries along trade cooperation main regional, southeast asia in belt in importance in. southeast asia similarity, resources relevance and chinese market more friendly, chinese sellers choose southeast asia is a good reference options.

2, internet development speed faster. according to 2017, google and temasek jointly issued southeast asia e-business report "shows, southeast asia is global internet development fastest areas. to 2020, number of internet users will reach 0.48 billion, close to now southeast asian populations of 80%; next decade, e-commerce compound annual growth rate of about 32%; to 2025, southeast asia e-business market will reach 88 billion dollars.

3, large consumer ability. the middle classes is rapidly rising, if to 4 dollars per capita gdp towards consumption social indicators, thailand, indonesia, fastest growing, vietnam has 60% population in 30-year-old the following, with a great taste for consumption. in addition, malaysia, indonesia, thailand, philippines these four countries are characterized by demographic dividend high, have a young labor population, intelligent mobile phone popularity high, seems to have accelerated the national internet behavior skip pc, directly to mobile direction.

4, keen social media and net red star. data show that southeast asia 0.6 billion people, about 50% of people under 30 years old, with 00 after the lord. therefore, southeast asia local people highly dependent on social media, especially facebook. in addition, local net red culture popular, young people keen make track for a star, to south korean women's team blackpink as an example, the women's team youtube video views top ten, southeast asia contributed most of the playback volume.

novice seller do shopee platform often encounter 7 pcs difficulties

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