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southeast asia shopee platform business environment analysis, shopee non-supply dian group operational skills


shopee as southeast asia market two mainstream business, was established in 2015 in november, the main market is southeast asia and taiwan, cover maleic, indonesia, singapore, philippines, taiwan, thailand, vietnam and other 7 pcs site, in 2018 in south-east asia regional downloads top, from e-commerce mobile and online shopping market development space, shopee in the southeast asia countries mobile account for more than 70%, so we now settled shopee but also conform to the development trend in this field, from target customers, shopee main customer groups with which young men, and southeast asia population 0.65 billion people, under 30 population occupies about 60%.

shopee settled threshold: business license, legal person of identity documents, currently we doing shop link and nearly three-month store water, qq mailbox, phone number, these ready-to-up not hard.

shopee platform commission: shopee is no registration fee, no rent for a shop, did not shop margin, shopee charged only a shop of the commission, according to our last month sales to charge, highest is 6%, minimum is 4%.

shopee hot products: summary for each site has a different hot products, the same, such as increases in: women's clothing, 3c, mother-to-child, home these, because shopee for comes from young groups, so customer price are generally relatively low, this is relative, like taiwan and singapore market customer price higher, if have this fight alone and minato single customer, shopee will also give buyers certain freight subsidy, stimulation under a single, so shopee platform business pringles unit price is lower, but profits still appreciably in.

logistics: shopee has a self-built of dried small shrimps warehouse, in our domestic has, shanghai, shenzhen, quanzhou, yiwu several official of warehouse, we shop out single after, posted above single to this several locations of dried small shrimps warehouse's better, shrimp will give our delivery to customers, general we need in 4 ~ 6 days of goods sent to shrimp of warehouse any receive place.

shopee receipts and payment: shopee support pingpong receipts, shopee making a money cycle is fortnightly, respectively is: early and months, amount is ahead of us these days to complete orders.

shopee store operations mode features: shopee more inclined to for store comprehensive survey, mainly on our products, praise number, refund rate, fans, etc., shop operators better, we recommended opportunities to drive, naturally our flow and conversion rate more and more high, so we're running shopee when need to do the following work.

first: sustained commodity, do flow of support, let class objective to relatively high ranking. suggest we seller uploaded daily 20 ~ 30 pieces new, average monthly of new minimum 600.

second: low drainage, for part products cheap, in order to push up our shop score number and weight, let customers fight alone other high-margin, because shrimp customers favorite is single scrape, because such platform on he also has a freight subsidies, set preferential more easy to stimulate customers.

third: shop data determine our conversion rate. praise of number, response rate, delivery speed, fans number of these performance, a large extent, affected our shop whether will become optimization shop, mall.

fourth: product selection is top priority, sustained and stable supply chain are our growth key

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( Editor:hugo )