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amazon announced 2019 "black five" event details, ali response "pursuit of a hong kong listing approval" rumors


foreign media: sino-us trade disputes bring china and loss tens of billions of dollars

hugo network news: according to cnbc reported, from economic point of view, a trade war with no winners, latest data display, and american loss aiguo to billions of dollars. tuesday (november 5) trade data shows, and last year front 9 months compared, american imports from china dropped 53 billion dollars, and american exports to china fell 14.5 billion dollars. but american exports to china far less than imported, so even declined slightly, decline percentage greater. the first 9 months of this year, american exports to china fell 15.5%, fell more than imported 13.5% of.

amazon black friday deals activities will run from november 22 to 29

hugo network news: it is reported that, amazon announced 2019 black friday promotion will last for a multi-week above, from november 22 friday 00:01 until november 29 friday 23:59. but historically, promotional activities will continue to weekend and monday, december 2 network monday.

december 1, new zealand will to worth over 1000 dollars of overseas orders expropriation gst

hugo network news: according to foreign media reports, since december 1, annually to new zealand customers sales total over 60000 dollars of foreign websites new zealand order (goods worth 1000 dollars above) will be required to pay a goods and services tax (gst ), and by new zealand customs on behalf of expropriation.

recently, nz post (new zealand post) issued a statement, recommended that new zealand consumer by november 20 in foreign websites christmas gift buy, in order to avoid cargo clearance when affected by the new gst rules bound.

it is understood, at present, new zealand consumers from overseas e-commerce site that order, whenever order value less than 400 dollars, without paying gst.

lotte new american two large logistics center

hugo network news: it is reported that, japanese-style e-commerce giant lotte's logistics company rakuten super logistics rakuten super logistics, namely rsl) addition two large logistics center, the delivery network extended to 15 logistics center. among them, miami logistics center will be launched in december this year, and denver logistics center will be launched in first quarter of 2020.

business platform become india mobile phone, tv main sales channels, accounting for up to 60%

hugo network news: according to a report in india's economic times, e-commerce on smart mobile phone and tv total sales contribution during the festival has reached a new height. multi-major brand estimates show that, smart mobile phone, october category online sales has reached total sales of 55%-60%, for the first time more than half, and tv online sales accounted for 40%-45% (and usual respectively 40% and 30% ).

it is reported that recently, india national traders federation (cait) and india national mobile retailers association

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