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indian e-commerce new rules: limit business platform directly or indirectly affect commodity prices, 14 days handle returns refund


according to a report in india's economic times, recently, india consumer affairs in proposed rules identified in the draft, e-commerce company cannot influence on its platform sell price, must comply with fair trade practices.

it is understood, india consumer affairs has issued the 2019 consumer protection (e-commerce) draft rules, and by december 2 for public opinion.

based on draft, e-commerce company should not "directly or indirectly affect goods and services price ", and needed to "maintain fair competition environment ".

draft rules in said:" (e-commerce company should not) for promotional merchandise or service sales, use, supply and take any possible affected shoppers purchase decision unfair method or deceptive practices."

rules and it also prohibits e-commerce merchants posing as consumers, and comment, distorted or exaggerated quality of goods and services or features.

e-commerce company also must provide sellers detailed information, including its business identity, legal name and key location, site name, the sales of products and contact with customers way.

based on draft, e-commerce company should ensure that protect clients' personal identity information, and ensure that such data collection, storage and use in line with the 2008 information technology (amendment) method provisions of.

another provision requires electricity supplier company in delayed delivery, product defects, wrong, or fraud the case,

accept the return of goods, and in 14 days of return customers all amounts.

the proposal also called for e-commerce company disclosure and seller signed with returned items, refunds, replacement, warranty/guarantee, delivery/shipment, payment, complaints-handling mechanism related contract terms.

cait (india traders federation) secretary-general praveen khandelwal said would promote electric company's transparency and fairness and consumers more responsible. but did find something, some e-commerce company still exists flagrant violation fdi policies.

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( Editor:hugo )