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and pearl river delta compared, yangtze river delta of cross-border exports sellers difference in where?


export electricity suppliers is high-speed growth of trillion track, focusing on cross-border sellers regional distribution, current export e-commerce merchants mainly yangtze river delta, pearl river delta, and hercynian economic zone as the main positions, especially guangdong, zhejiang, fujian most concentrated." fujian sea xi hui cross-border e-commerce alliance president chen zhi iron tell hugo network, thanks coastal regional mature network, logistics system, cross-border sellers in developed urban development cross-border e-commerce relatively more convenient, and with the introduction of the cross-border electricity, high speed development, industry will also from barbaric growth to gradually standardize shift.

 and pearl river delta compared, yangtze river delta of cross-border exports sellers difference in where?

according to chinese customs report, based on structure competitiveness, basic competitiveness, potential competitive, dynamic competitiveness, brand competitiveness five dimensions named chinese export electricity suppliers top 20 cities, including beijing, dongguan, foshan, fuzhou, guangzhou, hangzhou, huizhou, jinhua, nanjing, ningbo, quanzhou, shanghai, shenzhen, suzhou, tianjin, wenzhou, wuhan, xiamen, zhongshan, zhuhai.

pearl river delta: mature traditional foreign trade basic power export electricity suppliers accelerative running

pearl river delta sellers large number, rich category, and target market diversification. according to chen zhi iron analysis said, pearl river delta region has become export e-commerce merchants gathering place, and the traditional foreign trade advantage closely related, especially guangdong for major foreign trade development province, basic competitiveness and structure competitiveness advantage prominent.

data also support the guangdong province export electricity suppliers of development potential. it is understood, guangdong province in 2018 china cross-border exports the total size in occupy share up to 57%. a provinces had exclusive holding more than half of the share, the guangdong foreign trade mi foot of little importance position.

where shenzhen as the first batch of special economic zones and national cross-border e-commerce one of the pilot cities, agglomeration of industry resources, human resources and good logistics environment and perfect cross-border e-commerce service system training the shenzhen cross-border e-commerce of prosperity. according to chen zhi iron revealed: " shenzhen cross-border e-commerce enterprises pay more attention to talent and technology complementary , while 3c electronic products, clothing accessories and other consumer goods is always the global cross-border e-commerce platform-selling category, therefore, the region sellers each platform adaptable, and more operation advantage."

in fact, shenzhen of cross-border export business development also promote the surrounding manufacturing city, including dongguan, zhongshan, zhuhai, foshan and other are in top 20 cities in. in chen zhi iron opinion, future 2-3 years will be mainland second-tier cities cross-border sellers mass rise of important time period. "it's like 'iceberg theory ', when most sellers put too much attention concentrated in first-tier cities, second-and third-tier cities as iceberg general, sea level below there is still much room for mining something."

yangtze river delta: cross-border sellers universal branding consciousness strong

yangtze river delta region is becoming a chinese cross-border exports rising star, with pearl river delta sellers formed category complementary, is both vitality and international city cluster, regions synergetic development effect obvious. chen zhi iron example, zhejiang as yangtze river delta regional representative cities, the region sellers mainly to wish, aliexpress, ebay and other cross-border e-commerce platform, although amazon seller proportion in gradually increase, but big sellers proportion compared fujian sellers, guangdong sellers still less.

he further pointed out that,

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