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a trade war latest news: china on sino-american first stage trade agreement statement


will in economy, trade, investment and financial market positive effect.

 a trade war latest news: china on sino-american first stage trade agreement statement

(image: 123rf.com.cn

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after sino-us bilateral economic and trade the joint efforts of the team, equality and mutual respect, has on sino-us first stage trade agreement text agree. agreement text consists of a preamble, intellectual property, technology transfer, food and agricultural products, financial services, exchange rate and transparency, widen trade, bilateral assessment and dispute settlement, final provisions nine chapters. while the deal takes, us will phase out china tariffs relevant commitments, achieve tariffs by up to drop shift.

china believes that, china as the world's largest economy, handle trade relationship must proceed from the overall situation, reached trade agreement is conducive to chinese and american people and people of all other countries, will in economy, trade, investment and financial market positive effect. this agreement in general conformity with china deepening reform opening up the big direction, and their own economic high quality development of intrinsic need. agreement related content of the implementation, will help to strengthen intellectual property protection, improve business environment, increased market access, better maintenance, including foreign enterprises all kinds of their lawful rights and interests, and to the protection of chinese enterprises in the united states economic and trade activities in legitimate rights and interests. as china's domestic market expansion, chinese enterprises accordance with wto rules and market, commercial principles, increase from, including the united states imported high quality, competitive products and services, help adaptation domestic consumption upgrade trend, meet people's ever-increasing needs for a better life needs. this agreement is conducive to china and strengthen economic and trade cooperation, effective management and settlement-us economic, sino-stable development. in the current global economy is facing downward pressure background under, this agreement contribution to enhancing global market confidence, to stabilize market expectations, normal trade and investment activities creating a favorable environment.

side on, next each country will work as soon as possible complete legal review, translation and proofreading necessary procedures, and signed an agreement on the specific arrangements consultations.

agreement was signed, hoped they abide by the agreement agreed, efforts to implement good first stage agreement related content, and do more to bilateral economic and trade relations development and global economic and financial stability, maintain world peace and prosperity.

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