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cross-border e-commerce textile categories with singling out burst goods?


1: from use state, product using lifecycle, re purchase frequency and foreign textile industry state, these four aspects detailed analysis textile products in overseas basal and consumption frequency

european and american-style and other developed countries of textile products are mainly imported, chinese is textile exporter, can say chinese cross-border sellers has inherent back origin resources. and foreign textile one tier brands not settled like amazon ebay global cross-border platform for sales so at present each big platform textile categories are lack of technical textile category of sellers and standards of foreign trade textile products. in developed countries such as europe and america textile product belongs to large consumption, product use life cycle short, re purchase frequency high this is national legislation and certainties caused. such as some american states drying is illegal, washing is need to pay additional sewage treatment fee for of, and consumer groups on decorative layout home environment very mind him. lead to many products are belong to disposable. so with us domestic compared textile products abroad similar to fmcg. now rapid development of cross-border electricity for more multi-style flower provides a face consumer groups of channels, but also for consumer groups expanded selectable space. this for our chinese cross-border textile sellers for is a brand brand opportunity to boost sales.

2: suitable for cross-border e-commerce sales of textile category are what are ?

in fact all of foreign trade products, that is, the entire bedding category under sub-categories are suitable for foreign market sales, but due to factors such as logistics currently most sellers still don't choose there paohuo factors of product is selling. but like core, blanket pillow core, and these existing paohuo factors of products, as long as choose shipping or suitable way still no sales.

3: european and american-style market consumption prefer what fashion or color of home textile products? ?

american : solid color, plain flower, geometric pattern ; dark gray, camel, white
british : dark blue, black, xueqing, jade, geometric grid, totem pattern, solid color, plain flower, light gray, bleaching, camel, jade
german : large area grid, solid color, simple printed; white, gray, black, fruit green, dark red
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