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sellers loss millions! year-end careful these fraud ......


recently, have sellers reflected in do paypal evaluation when met cheats buyers. liar first promised sellers do product evaluation, single after, liar requiring sellers to pay evaluation costs. unexpectedly, seller's payment after, liar put all under the single all canceled, and then received a payment.

the seller shortness of breath, want to look for cheater theory, however liar quickly to a screened delete pull black three. because ripped off, sellers think very unwilling, but did not dare alarm, he said, "i'm afraid that crook with amazon report me for someone evaluation, then shop was closed?"

hugo bacteria found, in all cross-border e-commerce fraud cases inside, because brush single, evaluation and cheated case is most frequent, and many sellers in encountered this situation when can only eat "hidden loss ". and now to year-end, is cross-border e-commerce of season, also liar "season ". so, sellers need to prevent what fraud?

2019 classic fraud case

◆ tort extortion

this is a recent case. have european leg sellers to hugo bacteria broke, have been brutally criminals of blackmail from.

it is understood, has cheater in britain to apply for registration of the large number of trademark brand, then target those no brand filing, shop sales good sellers blackmail from. because this liar is use trademark registration complaints seller brand infringement, sellers listing blocked, liar opportunity to blackmail sellers a, then lawsuit against. there are sellers was liar 5w of extortion, but finally sellers not give, but find other solutions.

fraud prevention coup brand filing, cheater to non-empty drillability

◆ evaluation fraud

evaluation fraud has two, one is article mentioned at the beginning, find evaluation cheated; another is others malicious released evaluation information: dozens of sellers in facebook was malicious evaluation. crooks use these sellers shop link on facebook evaluation information, induced buyer orders, guise evaluation on behalf of the, earn amazon's affliate commission, and under the single buyer, these people disappear. buyers no paid accordingly, mistook for a seller lied, on to seller's store leaving a bad review, seller is miserable, did nothing, face of the sudden bad review and complaints, gots to resolved.

fraud prevention coup with someone evaluation, as multi-study took goods and promotion skills. if is others malicious released evaluation information, sellers can collect try of the totality of the evidence, targeted in mail, find customer service and buyers consultations.

◆ mail" fishing "

in amazon german station in a mail" fishing "fraud. it is reported, criminals through a disguised as tax invoice mail can easily stolen sellers shop account. this email and no malicious link, but through pdf attachments directly generate fake javascript form, seller as long as play

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( Editor:hugo )