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sellers how to through youtube drainage? youtube advertising create based tutorial


how to create youtube advertising series?

setting advertising series of target definition campaign goals, you should set clear goals, to determine advertising series of success. to specific but make sure your goal is can be achieved. here are some sample goals for your information.

visibility increase of x %;

form filling amount x %;

site increased traffic to x %.

by setting the target, you can optimize and test campaign to improve effect and determine success. according to your target selection campaign targeting target and kpi after, advertising set-up process of the next step is to choose target, the target will determine campaign advertising type.

here is the google ads campaign guide of the list of available targets:



site flow;

brand awareness and influence;


different advertising series sub-type will affect you to selection campaign settings and advertisements type.

ok bidding strategies and budget

targeting, advertising series and campaign sub-type after, the select correct bid strategy.

youtube advertising series provides three bid strategy. according to your advertisement series type/subtype different, can choose different options. youtube ads 3 bid strategy this 3 kinds of bidding strategies goal is cpm (cpm costs), highest cpm and target cpa (each operation, counting ). as mentioned earlier, bid strategy depends on advertising series of type/a subtype. for example, if want to improve sales, potential customers or website traffic, you should use target cpa bidding strategies of advertising series. other hand, target cpm and highest cpm available in improve visibility/coverage campaigns in. cpm bid strategy aimed at raising to a greater extent your influence and consciousness, and cpa bidding strategies designed to enhance

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