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export tax refund process what are concerns to watch


part foreign trade enterprises the sales of product involves drawback issues, therefore this type of enterprise daily work also need to focus on good export tax refund process, this for foreign trade enterprise's help is still very large, so in undertaking such work process what are problems need to focus on? that type question for details to do attention, overall the process did not too much complexity.

first, export tax rebate before user to attention to relevant documents of inspection, if no relevant documents submitted, or receive registration form by no established time frame fill in, late stage would be postponed, will eventually lead to foreign trade enterprises tax refund time extension, will the enterprise capital turnover impact, this for businesses is undoubtedly very adverse.

complete above after work, foreign trade firms would receive relevant departments approved business export products of the last file, in addition business sector also for foreign trade enterprises issue certificates, after to finish in a month corresponding export enterprises refund registration, if beyond that time, later will become very tedious, so whether foreign trade enterprises daily work how busy, complete the process work after, must be completed within one month refund registration.

when foreign trade enterprise obtained export enterprises recoverable tax register after, they follow related process requirements table content filled out, pull all of the completed after in this registration form on, file printed on enterprise of seals and and the business associated staff seal, can this document handed in, meanwhile need to hand in of and export product approval file, and, before foreign trade enterprises the get and commercial registration certificate and other certification materials, these are all need to tax related institutions, thereafter stage, tax related institutions will audit user both submissions slip-type file, if this type of file not missing, also no obvious problems, will for user acceptance. since then a time with goods entered the approval process, business users will obtain tax rebates registration, and thereafter export tax rebate registration of change, this completes the corresponding series of process work.

need to pay attention for large foreign trade enterprises or medium-sized foreign trade enterprises, natural is no problem, sales products can get tax rebates, but some small business or personal have my import & export right, already launched import and export trade, and the foreign trade sales ability were distinguished, sales products in large amount of, for this type of users, if no exportation power state under the how to get credits? is also very simple, this type of personal if want to through personal channels to complete is unrealistic, therefore can look for some foreign trade agents to complete tax rebates, such in temporarily did not get import and export rights, still can through rebates will their own benefits lifting up.

have some small enterprise or individual users although involves tax recovery efforts, but this type of foreign trade users don't willing to complete company construction, to refund, why? present in domestic foreign trade enterprises refund only two methods, first is finished by him user company construction, after declaration of export, involving tax refund link when by herself to accomplish, advantage of such an approach to be funding risk low, but its drawback is obvious, for example refund time long, normally in three months to about half a year, in this process cost is high, if foreign trade enterprise users and personal complete refund, no professional financial and documents is very difficult to complete related work, 2nd patterns is look for acting company, find this type offered to companies one-stop service, because can advance tax refund, so short-term efficiently in a get, usually is in 3 days to 5 days, but opposite for this kind of approach also has shortcomings, that's related expenses higher some.

many small foreign trade enterprises in understanding tax refund process state, continue to avoid self-established companies complete relevant work, is fear of hire staff spends capital too much, actually such understanding is not correct, to know in to hire staff after not just-refund related work can give small foreign trade enterprises bring help, of particular importance is the other in each link is also can provides your small business help, seemingly in single refund transaction some agency fees is not very high, but amounts involved large, and long-term rebate activities in this type of expenses on not a small sum, for this foreign trade enterprises staff must understand, but if is individual users, because individual user often affected by many factors, therefore this type users looking for agency feasible, or more appropriate, these two models have their own advantages, also have insufficient, users according to their own actual situation to correct choice, this effect can more idealistic on.

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( Editor:Alan )