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"do you think a social bottom of ordinary people, how to achieve class across ?"


recently with a good friend drank a big wine, wine to when they became half drunk, a friend asked a question:

" you think a social bottom of ordinary people, how to achieve class across?"

i explained my point that only constantly try and improve.

for again straightforward in less, is learning, continuous learning, constantly enrich their knowledge reserves.

only in this way, when one day the opportunity comes, or elegant comes, you can have a little transcends class possible.

otherwise, others want to pull you, also might pull not.

remember last year read a french sociologist pierre bourdieu's book, in the book, he will a person's capital divided into economic capital, social capital, cultural capital and symbolic capital.

economic capital, easy to understand, is a person what money he had.

social capital, a person-of connections go how much.

cultural capital, is your education, knowledge level, diploma skills can aspects.

symbolic capital, roughly is a person's social prestige and personal prestige.

in the four kinds of capital in, you to achieve class across, must in one respect have superhuman of strength or efforts.

either you are rich, also is very economic capital, this economic capital is very easy to bring symbolic capital and social capital.

either you're famous, this also can bring you a lot of economic capital and symbolic capital.

but these three capital are not you can about.

only the third cultural capital, is up to you.

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( Editor:hugo )