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do yamaxun cross-border e-commerce to note "pit?


2019" business "again limelight keywords, many people in not a detailed market research blindly modern people cross-border e-commerce industry, although is truly platform support large, good money, but also to be alert, watch your operating costs.

below i will list do yamaxun cross-border e-commerce advancing several pit:

a, supplier.

amazon is the shop sales purchase, multiple ranking, if a product you hard-made explosive materials, but suppliers not available consuming, goods quality problems, that your ranking gone; once size color packaging and other issues a slight change, complaints and returns will flying.

 second, infringement.

choose category after, must pay attention to you registered brand whether and existing brand very similar, otherwise brand side will think you are borrow brand heat, will report you. if amazon recognized brand party report, your shop will be closed.

three, violation amazon platform of some related provisions.

① a account can only register a seller, not to handle or maintaining multiple seller account, system automatically detects, so a account best only in fixed a clean computer on login, the attached router and cat also if clean, and this network environment used only for that amazon account operation, the account-bound mailbox only on this pc login, in short for best results each between accounts can not the same information try to be different.

the amazon to focus on sellers shopping experience, prevent sellers repeat distribution selling the same products. (amazon's rules favor in the same product only in platform appear once, with sell actually is based on this concept, in order to ensure seller between fair competition and provide customers with the best quality goods of concept, on amazon does not emphasize shop concept, but commodity-based. the stress on commodities and light shop ", with as a product details page there may be multiple seller)

 four, logistics.

do cross-border e-commerce logistics is very important, is also important cost one, cannot vessels to meet the, cannot determine receipt problem, weighing packaging problem and so on, a stable, aging fast, cost-effective

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( Editor:cross-border lmwkj6 )