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in order to improve customer loyalty, e-commerce merchants what reward tricks?


development e-commerce operations is an effective approach, and incentive plan, this is a good way to to customers express your gratitude, developed it into brand repeat customers.

retailers know, of acquiring new customers cost than retaining existing customers much more expensive. in fact, get a new customer could cost up to 7 times. in addition, present to customers sales success rate of 60-70%, and to new customer success rate is only 5-20%. these data underscore and existing clients importance, carry out reward plan realizes of the goal of a good way.

what is customer rewards program?

customer rewards program (also known as loyalty program) is a to provide customers with special project, and, aimed at building and training they on your brand loyalty. through to often buy your product customer provide incentives, such projects help increase customer loyalty.

by rewarding plan, you can provide:

• free gifts

• discounts

• coupons

• early access to new products

• other incentives

reward plan has several common choice:

loyalty system: this type allows customers to each purchase when earn points, when a certain integral, they will receive a voucher or free gift.

classification scheme: this plan to accomplish some spending threshold customers reward. for example, if they spent 100 dollars, they receive a coupon or freebies.

membership: to the lower price membership, let vip customer when shopping get special rewards and reward.

reward combination: some e-commerce enterprises will be some way to create a mixed reward plan.

start your customer rewards program

in start rewarding plan front, you need a thoughtful planning. below is up and running program steps:

1, choose name

you need for award scheme a catchy, striking name.

when you make a decision, try to find one with your brand, logos, product or store name match name. for example, sephora loyalty program called "beauty insider ", it implies loyalty customers can participate in it, while others can't.

2, choose type

each type of loyalty program has its advantages, so remember customer shopping habits is important. for example, if your customer to lower average transaction amount purchased large quantities of goods, you can provide's points-based short-term incentive plan.

or, if you sell a wide range of products, you can consider a paid award scheme, provide customers with continuous preferential, such as free shipping or discount purchase.

3, establish structure

• if is integral system, how do customers get integral? these integral value is what?

• if is classification system, different level of recognition is what?

• if is paid reward, the customer needs to pay how much, as well as its value?

• customers how and where to register?

like most and e-commerce related things, your reward plan may over time evolution. but, consider these questions will give you a good place to start.

4, choose infrastructure

it's now time for your reward plan selection essential services, you need to plug-in, third-party service or software solution to implement plan. meanwhile, you are e-commerce platforms may provide some, so integrated tool is helpful.

in addition, there are some good choice. here are some questions to consider:

• wordpress plug-in for use woocommerce for sellers is ideal.

• bloyal can well and many self-station tool integration, including shopify, magento, woocommerce and.

• ivend   loyalty for all types of retailers provide flexible points and rewards management app.

• open loyalty help retailers to customize rewards program.

5, promotion incentive plan

promotion incentive plan is essential. you can via existing marketing trade promotion plans, including in newsletter published, or in on social media, and ensure that the site of the registered page link. you can even think about site use pop-up prompt to invite customers join.

please ensure your reward plan page for customers is convenient, ensure they can buy at any time during registration.


award scheme can make you deal with customers and promote sales easy, these steps will help you start rewarding plan, and train more loyal customers.

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