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traditional business, the new mode of china's small and medium enterprises how to goods sold to eu market


for many in europe life, christmas is the biggest holiday of the year. when people walk in decorative colorful, lights around, festive streets and christmas market in when, but could easily ignore one thing: for some people, holiday preparations in winter arrival ago now.

in china, christmas is also very important, but one illustration of form with western differ. for is located in china yiwu "christmas village" for, christmas is a yearly important business opportunities. world six into about christmas items are yiwu manufacturing, where 40% of goods sold to europe.

yiwu because it may not look like a tourist attraction, has attracted the eyes of the world-all over the world buyers here, not just for looking for cheap anti season christmas supplies. as a nearly year-round restless shopping center, here you can buy can imagine all commodity-that makes yiwu have "world supermarket "nickname.

china-eu trade obviously is not a new thing, two thousand years ago on the ancient silk road merchants for sino-european trade vigorous development has laid a solid foundation, and always continues today, and.

once between china and europe connection can only rely on people foot stronger, now world's longest freight railway-central railway will china and spain closely combined. as the government seeks to revival central ancient and trade links belt and part of the initiative, central railway freight service provides a than marine faster, than air cheaper transportation way. this yiwu of small and medium enterprises is a very good news.

growth of e-commerce in yiwu development indispensable role, for other hope explore overseas market of chinese enterprises to explore a new development path. ups study conducted seven european shoppers had through international retailers buy goods, perhaps it is chinese smes to set foot on silk road, european market good time.

 traditional business, the new mode of china's small and medium enterprises how to goods sold to eu market

entrance into market before, and the following matters need to pay attention to:

trade rules

today's europe and ancient silk road of european slightly different. as developed countries between quasi-economic union, most european countries belong to eu, but part of the eu's 28 member states have their own trade rules and entry barriers.

therefore, have a different countries tax rules, ban, restrictive policies and government agencies logistics partners, want to enter the european market businesses for very important.

in addition, eu implementation of strict intellectual property protection, including patent, trademark and copyright protection. intellectual property has regional, businesses should avoid without permission, will intellectual property commodity casual resale, transfer to third countries.

select appropriate sales platform

for many plan through network channels products of small businesses, specifically for this development a website clearly impractical. because the existing network market has can provide simple, off-the-shelf platform for merchants selling goods, for example american amazon and china's global aliexpress (aliexpress ). in fact, according to ups study shows that 96% of eu shoppers have executed online shopping platform bought goods. therefore, with the help of the existing e-commerce platform contact new european customers is a ideal way.

in decision in any one business platform before, need to make research, and not a single platform with absolute advantage. although amazon in a number of european countries are active, although several national development own online shopping platform and in corresponding dominant. for example, poland's most popular e-commerce site is allegro, and bol.com is in benelux (benelux) now in vogue.

enterprise exporters can around multiple platform sales strategies, to maximize product in front of consumers exposure. however, note that the different business platform for sellers have different requirements and regulations, so in advance do research is very important.

in general, european consumers more with international vision and willing sea amoy. sellers in addition to online on set up shop taking some effort, as long as the heart well prepare for two conditions: security payment safety and provide order total cost (with duties and charges ), soon enjoy european markets of new income.

clear results

and european customer business, provide "cif" is important-customers when purchasing price should include product price, freight and required to pay tariffs. ups research display, 72% of european online shopping consumers be included in sea amoy primary factors concerning.

now many logistics vendors provide application interface, can customers buy front docking system and estimate "cif ", to avoid they receipt also extra costs.

for consumers, goods delivery speed and freight is an important trade-off factors. ups's research, a, 62% of european online shopping consumers will delivery speed as sea amoy main factors considered. if businesses can provide different speed and price multi-pcs shipping options, you can meet most customers demand.

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( Editor:ups china marketing premium manager liu wei )