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reverse product selection, how to create products and found market


when sellers in find out some "both hot style, such as quality problems and color preference (these can by review analysis to achieve, supply chain strength of the vendor can product defects improved upgrade, let it be a new "explosion models ".

more or, some sort of factory will directly on some exhibition of new or big foreign new secondary innovation, to form their own "launch" products.

so-called high-order product selection, the most effective method, is direct deep industry industrial chain, meet high quality supplier. have mature supply chain system, also have the product development and improvement technology. can help sellers continuous improvement market existing style, can development market on no in a different style.

but this mature supply chain system, the majority of small sellers for is more than one can. and ordinary sellers of basic product selection method, have a large part from amazon charts in find already sold up products.

so when we in amazon front desk see a selling well products, to how to determine this product whether can for our reference blueprint, and the product of the market and whether suitable for new enter?

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