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tmall sellers involved in aliexpress half transcripts: top jewelry top1, a belt sells 147 thousand dollars


domestic electricity supplier or offline retail brand transformation do cross-border business, has become in recent years brands broaden market share recognition abroad effective way. including semir, meizu and bestseller and other well-known brands have joined aliexpress, in platform of super brand day achieve sales double share of victories. which, there's a tmall brand, settled aliexpress under 1 years, just this year 3.28 big promotion day win 147 thousand dollars turnover, and climb to the top accessories category top 1 throne of.

tmall sales for three consecutive years first, enter aliexpress same popular

"domestic electricity supplier platform flow tight, brush single and black box operation is also legislation to prevent, for non-highly recognizable shop for, get flow the most conventional way is through train, but such costs are too high; and in order to cater for domestic inexpensive consumption concept, sellers price war is conventional play, also result in 'bad money out good money "phenomenon, it makes many good products buried in war "or" price war in." wenzhou aliexpress sellers chen poured sighed.

it is understood that chen poured focus on tmall leather belt business 7 years, stores "one paul" in tmall on three consecutive year sales first. but to enterprise further development, make world-renowned brands, relying solely on domestic market manifestly failed to do foolproof, and export electric shang cheng to placed in chen poured front best chance of.

chen poured tell hugo net, because of congeneric ali system products, and combined with long-term assessment after chose to join aliexpress. reportedly, the company in october 2018 successfully registered aliexpress shop, same year december volume on the break 50 thousand dollars; march 28, 2019 large promoting day exceeded 147 thousand us gold, successfully won aliexpress accessories category top 1. he said, 2019 of 3.28 big promotion from first time cross-border market strong explosive force, also let their previous cross-border cognitive has the new look.

"cross-border e-commerce volume than large, foreign markets for belt category demand abnormal strong. currently aliexpress by major countries, such as russia, the united states, spain, france, japanese and korean-style, poland and other of the belt with greater demand, also they shop order shipments ranking country. in numerous market, russia is aliexpress products top markets, is 'number one paul' sales proportion the biggest market." chen poured introduced word.

through nearly a year of exploration, coupled with a large number of research, chen bo current main several markets not only in a new light, and domestic e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce modality gap also made comparison, to russia and france market as an example:

1, price, russians enjoy outdoor activities, almost everyone will with a belt. local industrial backward, high labor costs, lead to the same production a belt, russia's cost to far higher multi-, price also very expensive, in local market and a leather strap, average price in 200 yuan.

2, style style, russians size high large, similar to american western cowboy wear of casual style leather strap more popular. and chinese consumers contrary, automatic buckle belt, business leather belt of demand but more.

3, target audience, france with china and others different place is, france belt consumers female-dominated, and some-style, non-mainstream style acceptance higher, and consumers in other countries mostly male.

4, drainage way, domestic electricity supplier different platforms have special drainage channels, such as taobao taobao off, tmall of train, sellers can buy commodity booth indirect drainage. and aliexpress except station train of promotion, and off-site facebook, instagram and other social website, net red advocacy, shopping website propaganda, live channels propaganda and other channels optional.

5, sku management, aliexpress of mode with tmall of pattern have very big difference also is, tmall full shop only need a link, and aliexpress docking global different countries consumer groups, should be taken targeting groups favorite products, upload multiple products link, formation multi-link, multi-style. this is "one paul" can in a short period of time let foreign consumers accept product an important reason.

although domestic and international market, consumer groups, there is a big difference, but for tmall seller origin of chen poured for, do aliexpress or have a certain advantage. "whether aliexpress or tmall, belong to alibaba system platform. aliexpress active rules, train of open method, data analysis with tmall extremely similar. in a way, 7 years of tmall sellers experience help us avoid some 'detours '".

export electricity supplier "test temperature" overseas market, tmall sellers do aliexpress more advantages

despite of domestic electricity supplier red sea competition has been very intense, but there are still sellers dare not involved in cross-border e-commerce. domestic men's clothing sellers clock ting green once pointed out, "and domestic single consumer groups, limited market share different is, cross-border e-commerce opportunities larger, but settled sellers makings of is also comparatively big. in before wait-and-see few years found, domestic e-commerce merchants difficult transformation do cross-border business. one hand platform conversion of difficult, other hand products new, promotion, operation and other intermediate links is relatively trivial, blind transformation perhaps also was not worth."

in this regard, hugo network also interviewed around some tmall sellers, some people are afraid, because chinese and western cultural difference that makes aesthetic is different from, even tmall shop explosion models in aliexpress may also nobody cares. in addition, because western shape differences may lead to version size doesn't fit, return rate high. and some people worry about language differences, increase talent recruitment cost. in addition, each country's exchange rate is endless also and same, capital turnover challenges of interest point.

however, not all of the domestic e-commerce players select stop. bestseller president executive assistant shen ming in hugo network interview said, many domestic brand, whether online or offline, want to enter into overseas emerging markets, if is to traditional line of stores show into, light is registered company, licenses, choose good shop site, decoration shipment ...... lead time to 1-2 years, and must have tough capital flow. and bestseller select aliexpress enter new markets, is based on cross-border e-commerce of mode and aliexpress platform advantage, let its do not spend too much cost, sellers can through existing goods try market reaction, see market accept how price and product to nurturing the next marketing strategy. "bestseller will according to different countries and regions with different models, including which brand first enter, product pricing, styles to choose, team selection, especially team, more with their local team. for local team more easy to understand local market, information feedback to development this piece, then product developers more for local market." shen ming said, "more importantly, compared to other export business platform, aliexpress can timely platform and overseas sales data analysis, for sellers do reference, this for non-standard category sellers for great significance."

chen poured also said, tmall seller has possessed some technical conditions, supply chain is also more comprehensive. language, aliexpress platform background also provide a lot of artificial translation, infrastructure supporting more perfect. if tmall sellers want to do cross-border, goods, need sellers in the original basis, for different countries market research, own to regulation. this on their overseas expansion, difficult.

"in fact, many domestic sellers worried about those problems, are not

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( Editor:hugo net )