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acquisition netease koala ali then will eat dhgate?


in the today's topic before, it is necessary to introduce a dynamics.

chinese cross-border business field recent most dazzling action, is september 6 alibaba to 2 billion price of netease koala wholly acquisitions. media attached would call, acquisition and with simultaneous exposure of alibaba netease cloud music 0.7 billion dollars of led, is coming in september 10 teacher's day resignation alibaba chairman jack ma of the curtain call music.

currently netease koala in pc, app end have been renamed koala sea purchase. according to both parties public information, koala sea purchase ceo by tmall import and export group general manager liu peng concurrently, original netease koala ceo zhang lei as tmall import and export business consultant, future koala brand will remain independent operation, it will with former rival tmall international become alongside teammate, common for chinese consumers to bring better cross-border goods and service experience.

this is a industry leader and industry second child of high light fusion.

from market research agency ai media consulting (iimedia research data show that the first half of 2019, netease koala, tmall international, sea hoard global (formerly jingdong overseas purchase ") respectively to 27.7%, 25.1%, 13.3% accounted for than ranked chinese cross-border import b2c e-commerce market their top three. if this data real reliable, so, incorporated netease koala after, ali in in that area will be exclusive 52.8% market share.

founded in november 2014 netease koala, is netease founder ding lei efforts to build cross-border import b2c business platform, and electricity supplier is considered netease in game after another for digging and direction, and in that direction, in addition to cross-border netease koala, and non-cross-border of original life tmall business platform netease carefully selected.

in january 2015 formally launched launched overseas purchase business since nearly 5 years, netease koala in mother-to-child, home, digital and other multi-field of deep, and once adhere to 100% overseas direct mining tmall, hope can in this way from the source to eliminate fake. in this process, netease koala indeed in the middle of the user accumulated good reputation.

but because foreign supply dispersion, fake problems often baimiyishu, even be criticized, coupled with tmall high cost, profitability as feared, in addition with third-party sellers of open and settled proportion of gradually improve, uncontrollable factors increased, netease koala in the past for a long time has also encountered growth problems.

into ali camp after, in addition to and tmall international reached powerful combination complementary advantages, netease koala also rely ali ecological in technology, capital, global strategic resources advantage, is expected to will earlier problems resolve; and ding lei in march 2016 future 3 ~ 5 years netease koala 50 billion ~ 100 billion yuan market scale of idea, perhaps-in this station, just, it no longer and netease related.

to say is b2b.

because in user base, user attributes and natural huge difference, all along, for b- side enterprise users of the platform in volume is significantly weaker than for c end of masses consumer platform. domestic trade b2b so, cross-border b2b versa.

may wish simple an analogy, earlier mentioned cross-border b2c business platform netease koala and tmall international in public view in degree of concern, is much higher than cross-border b2b business platform such as dhgate, dragon network, business treasure, china manufacturing network, even industry headlining alibaba international station (alibaba.com. more than that, the latter type of platform of name, for ordinary consumers, probably are strange.

is being ushered in 20-year-old birthday of the e-commerce giant alibaba in past years high-speed growth and expansion, and to c business especially taobao, tmall and other platform outbreak positively, but in fact its ecological source no doubt is to b, this in both domestic trade b2b of 1688, also including cross-border b2b of alibaba international station.

at present, to c business in china is close to full penetration, and b business progress is much slower, the enterprise digital or industry internet because which includes many aspects and elements, although a long time exploration, but current overall situation is still in very early stage, future still represented infinite possibilities, ma huateng about "internet of second half belongs to industrial internet" judgment for good reason.

now business map already very large alibaba, in b2b field, including domestic b2b and cross-border b2b two direction, are than ever more rapid force, especially in source basic work is industrial belt digital empowerment level, back against ali economies comprehensive advantages, compared with other incoming platform, already built pretty solid barriers to competition, and is constantly infiltration. ali aspects monitored data, this market outbreak period approaching.

according to analysys international the 2018 chinese cross-border export business development white paper, 2018, alibaba alibaba international station, aliexpress), dunhuang nets, amazon segmentation off the chinese export electricity suppliers most layout, 2018 double 11 period, the three enterprises exports huge platters in share of up more than 90%, which aliexpress and amazon is c giant, and alibaba international station and dhgate is to b on the track leader.

if the long september 6 alibaba incorporated netease koala classified as "winner-take-all" category, so in cross-border b2b field, particularly in export direction, winner-take-all will repeat, ranked industry second dhgate possibility by ali eat, it in ali eye in value can analogy netease koala, future it will go from here?

as mentioned above, a lot of people do not understand dhgate.

this is a set up in 2004, cross-border exports b2b e-commerce platform. unlike alibaba international station big purchases and small wholesale full swing of giants mode, dhgate differentiation chose small b2b track. in earlier domestic various similar platform is still more information display, dealmaking, membership fee for core business model when, dhgate earlier involved in trading links, to commission system instead of membership, and then only for buyers charges.

have to say, cross-border b2b involving border two-party, link long, middle to solve so many issues, where conditions are not yet enough mature intervention trading links difficulties, leave early step doesn't mean is there first, pioneer even risk becoming martyrs. dhgate 15 years tepid, nowadays the foreign trade forum is flooded with user-on it logistics, payment, customer service and other aspects of negative evaluation, platform operating pressure is obvious.

follow dhgate of the latest adjustment commission system rules, platform under single orders the size of the amount, to buyers closing 0.5% ~ 19.5% range of commission.

february 20, 2019, dhgate start new settled sellers charge platform fees, charging standard divided into year pay 999 yuan, semi-annually 598 yuan, quarterly pay 299 yuan. to seller fees this action is considered dhgate on commission system model of forced correction, reflects platform side revenue pressure.

past only to buyers charge of commission system mode, for push personnel for, they in design for potential settled seller marketing technique on, can will reduce sellers risk, save operating costs precedence; but for platform side, its expected revenue basic rely on orders and turnover, business risk from seller party turned to yourself-if orders and turnover enough considerable development potential was also very huge of course no problem, if not ideal even sluggish performance, anxiety can be imagined.

from a large number of user feedback, currently dhgate the biggest problem may be that it first needs to seller answer such a question: same is charging, i why choose you over flow substantially multi-of arriba

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