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cross-border e-commerce platform what are


amazon is the largest a network e-commerce company, has now become a global commodity most varieties of the largest online cross-border e-commerce retail platform. at present in europe and america area accounted for dominance, so amazon platform has a very distinct advantage, consumers large mostly developed middle high quality customers, aren't little price, therefore customer price high, margins guaranteed, traffic is huge, but self-logistics fba system could also give seller business has brought great help.

thus amazon today is the most mature, is also very developed countries consumer demand of cross-border e-commerce platform, it has a perfect system, suitable for well-funded sellers settled.

note that: amazon sellers requirements are relatively high, such as product quality, brand requirements, had better has good suppliers resources.

amazon advantage:

1. e-commerce of the originator, than other platform earlier, has a huge customer base and traffic advantages, 80 million a month of flow, to quality service known;

2. with giant storage and logistics systems and services, north america, europe, japan region. sellers only responsible for sale products, late of packaging, logistics, return by amazon provide a unified standard of service model, will produce some services including storage, shipment and other services, also can choose their distribution;

3. site linkage, such as amazon european site just need to have a national accounts just can for all european market sales;

4. provide chinese registered interface.


wish platform specializes in mobile terminal, is a new app-based cross-border e-commerce platform, mainly rely on cheap attract customers, in american market have very high popularity, core categories including clothing, jewelry, mobile phone, gift etc, mostly from chinese shipments. for those in shopping priority low for customers wish is a good choice.

note: sellers in wish through initial honeymoon friendly period, punishment will be more and more strict, novice survival difficult.

wish advantage:

1. good localization support;

2. shelves goods very simple, main use label matching;

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