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thailand or for chinese enterprises relief half tax, huakai creative proposed acquisition yi bai network 90% equity


ups will 4 pcs air cargo hub transformation for foreign trade free trade zone

electric commercial daily news: recently, american express ups announced, the 4 pcs in american of air cargo hub transformation for foreign trade free trade zone, expansion of warehousing and distribution outside of other function. in its foreign trade bonded zone, if enterprise customers parts product yet assembly and in american market sales can defer import tariffs. currently, american laws and regulations, if parts are imported from china, but in american process completed and export to other markets, also exempt from duties.

it is reported that, this 4 pcs air cargo hub are located at chicago's o'hare airport, new york's jfk, texas state's largest dallas-fort worth airport and los angeles airport.

heihe pilot free trade zone opening, sino-russian cross-border logistics hub started

chinanews reported: september 17, chinese northernmost pilot free trade zone heihe area in heilongjiang heihe opening, its iconic project "heihe on star sino-russian cross-border logistics hub" also started.

it is understood, as chinese northernmost free-trade test area, will focus on the development of cross-border energy resources comprehensive utilization, green food, business logistics, tourism, health, border financial and other industries, construction cross-border industrial agglomeration areas and border city cooperation demonstration zone.

canada post express affiliate company launched full-day distribution services

electric commercial daily news: recently, canada post express subsidiary purolator offering a new service quickship, allows merchants week 7 days 24 hours to consumers offer same-day or next-day delivery, including saturday and sunday, this is the five-year 1 billion yuan growth strategy in innovation initiatives.

huakai creative proposed acquisition yi bai network 90% equity, accelerate layout of cross-border export business

hugo network news: september 16 evening, huakai creative released restructuring transactions draft. draft display, company intends to issue shares, convertible bonds and paying cash, buy yi bai network 90% equity, the transaction price of 1.512 billion yuan, and promised, subject of the company's 2019, 2020, 2021 after deduction of non owned by the parent net profit of not less than 0.141 billion yuan, 0.17 billion yuan and 0.204 billion yuan, performance commitments amounted to 0.515 billion yuan.

it is understood, huakai creative will in existing business based on increase cross-border export business related business, industrial layout has been further perfected and optimized.

for meet india large demand for home appliances, flipkart expand 80% delivery range

hugo network news: september 15, flipkart said, in september 29 the big billion day sales big promotion before, the company has its scope of delivery expanded 80%, to cover almost all of india for large appliances set pick-up point.

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