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cross-border e-commerce you know? how to do?


2016-2018 years, chinese cross-border e-commerce transaction size rising, from 6.3 trillion yuan to 9.1 trillion yuan, expected this growth trend to continue.

a, cross-border e-commerce?

cross-border e-business refers to belong to different customs territory of transaction subjects, through e-commerce platform deal, payment and settlement, and through cross-border logistics delivery goods, complete transactions of a international business activities.

how do individuals cross-border e-commerce?

1, distinguish foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce difference

although now foreign trade, it has used network, can understand for foreign trade business: but whole foreign trade transaction process and not too big change, contains inquiry, quotation, order, production, transportation, charter booking, customs inspection, foreign exchange settlement write-off, foreign trade electricity trading is offline all.

cross-border e-commerce is through the third platform sales as did most on taobao sales, unlike with foreign platform (such as: amazon, ebay and other) or domestic foreign sales platform (aliexpress etc.), cross-border e-commerce are online directly finishing. cross-border e-commerce compared with traditional trade, single order mostly small batch, even one-piece. (please correct me)

2, cross-border e-commerce platforms? what are things individuals can do?

mainstream have amazon), ebay, wish, aliexpress aliexpress alibaba's ); southeast asia have lazada, shopee and

now most platforms require enterprises, personal or more difficult to do cross-border e-commerce, now personal also can do have amazon (although can, but basic very difficult to pass), ebay, wish.

3, market selection

small make up think or needs to see market re-election goods, although many do lazada all felt did not have what single, now most people main battlefield is americas and europe, but small make up think southeast asia market, india, africa and other potential market are relatively large, but now if specialized do two places seems a little support themselves, so or south-east asia and africa temporarily main or both!

4, choose goods and shop

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