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china-asean business leaders forum in guangxi nanning build sea new channel sharing development new opportunities


september 21, 16th china-asean business and investment summit framework of china-asean business leaders forum (the following referred to as "forum ") in guangxi nanning held. the forum by ccpit and guangxi zhuang autonomous region people's government hosted, china-asean business and investment summit secretariat undertake, 10 asean countries national chamber of commerce and industry and china-asean center, to "build sea new channel sharing development new opportunities" for theme. ccpit chairman, china-asean business and investment summit organizing committee director gao yan, guangxi zhuang autonomous region party secretary, autonomous region people's congress standing committee director lu xinshe, singapore trade and industry senior minister of koh, former polish president bronislaw. komorowski, cambodian business minister pan suo sa and chinese-asean center secretary-general chen de hai attended the forum and speech. chinese and asean national government officials, business leaders, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars approximately 400 participants forum.

lu xinshe said, sea new channel is chinese and singapore and other asean countries, focused on creating through chinese-western region, "one belt and one road" and time shortest, best service, the most effective international trade revealed the channels. guangxi is new channel-sea intermodal transportation, land and sea intersection and land trunk of key points, in build sea new on play an extremely important role in. in recent years, guangxi focus on smooth and efficient, economic, promote land-sea new channel construction. railway, highway, port, logistics and other improving infrastructure. this year 1-8 month, new channel-sea intermodal transportation train cumulative running 1346 column, an increase of 161%; beibu gulf port container throughput of 2.2538 million teus, an increase of 24%, level of customs clearance facilitation further enhance.

currently, sea new channel construction building a, push new stage. guangxi will earnestly implement overall planning, better regional resources, policy of unique advantages, and new channel along national areas and china-asean business strengthen cooperation, shared infrastructure construction business opportunities, international logistics cooperation business opportunities and industrial development business opportunities.

koh said, asean is china's third largest trading partner, and chinese-used to be asean's largest trading partners, bilateral are hoping to become each other important regional partner. in this context, singapore and chinese-to-toe with to common development and sea new channel, will promote chinese and asean in-land sea ground transportation, traditional history culture, financial services and technology talent exchanges and cooperation. he suggested, to from multi-cooperation, further stimulate sea new channel of vitality. first, we must fully play sea new channel role with open and inclusive platform, and more asean partners greater cooperation and exchange, so as to further improve efficiency and reduce costs. secondly, establish with sea new channels to reduce tariffs and further develop bilateral cooperation mechanism. create chinese singapore network trading platform and chinese-singapore national cooperation window, build in guangxi of china-asean information collection port. lastly, in the intergovernmental cooperation outside business between cooperation. "china-asean expo can help lots of local chamber of commerce, enterprises good cooperation ."

chinese and asean 1991 dialogue relations since has gone through 28 years, gradually formed leaders summit for leading, multi-level, wide-ranging cooperation architecture, bilateral trade, investment and other economic cooperation relationship bright scene. current, china-asean relations are facing new development opportunities. april this year, asean leaders attend the second belt and road forum for international cooperation, clear to deepening and chinese development strategy docking. july 31, china-asean foreign ministers' meeting in 2020 identified as china-asean digital economic cooperation years, consensus will in electronic business, scientific and technological innovation, 5g network, smart city strengthen cooperation. china-asean center as chinese and asean countries all-around high level cooperation of product, will continue to play the role of bridge, strengthen and guangxi zhuang autonomous region (chamber of commerce and industry exchanges and cooperation, while constantly expand our circle, in order to promote china-asean practical cooperation make unremitting efforts.

except leadership speech, forum has a results released, keynote speech, keynote speeches, guests dialogue link. guests around western sea new channel, china (guangxi) free trade zone, china and asean deep wide cooperating topics talks and dialogues, to discuss the current economic situation, for the western sea new channel prospects, china (guangxi) free trade zone planning and key direction, china-asean cooperation and prospect opportunities, enterprise development direction constructive view.

the forum also issued china-singapore business jointly sharing international sea trade new channel initiative, witness the new nanning international logistics park new wisdom park trial operation launching ceremony and international sea trade new channel 762nd class seagoing vessel qinzhou port set off.

since 2010, china-asean business leaders forum has been successfully held 10 sessions. forum for china and asean business leaders provide

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