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when retail sector artificial intelligence


retail industry have been leading artificial intelligence technology commercialization." jingdong group vice president of technology, artificial intelligence vice president mei tao recently in giis2019 third retail innovation summit said, according to capgemini last year global study of 400 retail executives found that, retail industry deploy ai technology proportion has increased from 4% in 2016 to 28% in 2018, every 4 pcs large retail industry there is a full deployment of artificial intelligence technology. to 2022, ai technology annually to retail industry save 340 billion dollars.

in recent years, in data, algorithm and technology has deep accumulation of internet giants have deployment in retail industry. artificial intelligence on retail industry and not only in market attention high unmanned retail formats, is through digital and intelligent retail industry cost reducing and efficiency increasing.

" large enterprises are mass deploy ai, such as apple's siri, microsoft's cloud services, or amazon unmanned shops, intelligent recommended." mei tao said, whether in mainstream business in systematic, consistent,, mass, all-process deploy ai is to define future business world winner of one of important indexes.

wal-mart chinese ministry vice president han road think, as digital products and digital innovation, artificial intelligence only scale application to better for customer and member create value. for example, he said, "scan" ma gou "application greatly and enhance customer in stores self-purchase experience and serve your tables efficiency. currently, "scan" ma gou "has extended to all walmart's chinese stores, customers can mobile phone small program scanning commodity payment, also can take goods to front desk paid. for another example, recent companies are large-scale pilot and promotion automatic scan shelf robots and inspection robot, robot use artificial intelligence optimal path planning, without interference customer shopping of the premise can automatic patrol, understand goods placed is correct, out of stock, and that communicated to upstream and downstream, timely replenishment and shelf cleaning.

how in retail industry deploy ai? industry sources said, first consideration customer demand, the retail industry, customer needs become more important. current, enterprises face consumers in many for "90 after", "after 95" even "00 ", their spending habits is hard to guess, only through big data perception.

" by studying found, in deploy ai, business-to-organization cost, data and roi considerations clearly heavier, only a few people consider customer pain point." global consumer goods and retail vice president kerns. jacob said.

mei tao said, enterprises can use reverse customization meet consumer demand, namely consumer groups, portrait, clearly positioning consumer groups, especially young groups preferences. enterprise through feedback and big data can tell upstream producers, next step should tailor what goods, to meet consumer thousands of many faces demand.

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