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free cross-border e-commerce erp risk


currently on the market there are numerous name free banner of cross-border e-commerce erp software, but they really is free? there is no risk? today let millet cross-border electric to tell you about free cross-border e-commerce erp risk what are.

first, cross-border e-commerce sellers need to know definitely no completely free free cross-border e-commerce erp, many of the so-called free actually just trial version or can use only simple several function, simply can not meet user actual needs.

cross-border e-commerce erp risk are what?

1, market environment risk

cross-border e-commerce erp is with market economic development, its maturity and development also need health and a functional market and good market environment. china's policy of market mechanism, enterprise improper competition of and disorderly competition abound. many enterprises lack access to external market and customer information means. obtain external information ability also than poor. and establish safety-e-commerce erp implementation smoothly good marketing market system this complex and huge engineering impossible in a short period of time completed.

2、 manage concept change risk

cross-border e-commerce erp implementation is a of business process system of restructuring engineering, as long as not devote money buy computer hardware and erp software to achieve the enterprise's information. at present, some enterprises erp implementation only by a supervisor, lack of managers and personnel of active participation. and business process reengineering involves positions, rights, interests and other aspects of re-definition and distribution, if unmanaged personnel particularly in leadership support, implementers right regulation business process reengineering of the various departments of the conflict of interest, implementation are harder to exploit, and even lead to project put on hold.

3, cross-border e-commerce erp software product risk

at present, the market of our country e-commerce erp system separable grounds foreign software vendors development of system and by domestic software vendors development of system two categories. the domestic erp software are generally from financial software extended from, and foreign erp software product gap is. foreign erp software for the corporation needs of satisfaction, system integration, software the maturity and stability the performance more prominent, but to the enterprise internal management foundation and data base requirements high, difficult to implement. in addition, domestic enterprises management mechanism and personnel quality and foreign enterprises also are quite different, many foreign enterprises from buy erp software can not be directly applied to actual, causing part of the funds waste.

4, personnel risk

in the actual erp project, basic technology-led talent leading, managers often can not properly understanding and master information technology. and erp system implementation requires both understand business management, and information technology of high-quality compound talents. but for now, only understands information technology and understand business process and enterprise management compound talents is very scarce, to a large extent restricted the enterprise erp implementation of quality and speed.

5, capital risk

many enterprises in input technology transformation, innovation funding can be limited, for erp funds also less. e-commerce erp implementation is a long cycle, large investment and complex process in. even some enterprises in early to purchase basic hardware equipment and necessary software system, but erp application will with the development of enterprises and revelations it new problem and need adjustment and maintenance, follow-up funding requirements and more.

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( Editor:millet cross-border e-commerce )