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foreign trade and sellers in how to avoid contract disputes


have several years experience in foreign trade of salesman generally know, in foreign trade industry in main disputes place is signed by the seller and contract. and these problems are largely because in contract in product quality provisions and description not rigorous result.

so we in foreign trade contracts in should attention:

clause quality is foreign trade contract most important provisions, goods of quality will set the specific price, and also foreign trade contract basis, therefore, in foreign trade contract, must expressly agreed commodity quality, decision commodity quality of time and place, and quality problems of main treatment way and.

a, commodity quality general representation basically has the following kinds:

1. quality as per seller's sample shall prevail.

2. quality as per buyers sample.

3. sales by specification, grade or standard.

4. fair average quality.

5. good ke xiao quality.

6. with trademark or brand sale.

7. by description sale.

two, commodity quality examples of reference expression:

1. to in shipment issued by quality certificate be taken as final.

2. to maker factory inspections shall prevail.

3. by independent public surveyor at the time of shipment quality shall prevail.

4. seller by sample sales, must guarantee the goods when quality with samples completely consistent.

5. time and place of loading fair average quality basis of london corn trade associations official shall prevail.

6. quality is based solely on seller xx day of sample.

7. the seller shall guarantee all shipments to conform to samples submitted with regard to quality.

if buyer and seller have been or other problems, the disputes, proposed here for mediation to settle the disputes. to save time, effort, save money.

mediation not only be independent from the other methods specialized using, also can in the course of arbitration and litigation process with readily, can resolved through mediation not through arbitration or litigation to resolve.

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( Editor:traces foreign trade of career )