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future three cross-border e-commerce trend


future three cross-border e-commerce trend:

content marketing & amp; voice search & amp; social business

future three trends, is currently many sellers competing learning progress of point! already in more advanced way, used in our cross-border or relatively hot-cross-border henry dong

a, content marketing

1. what called content marketing?

now everyone on this understanding may will stay content two words, actually i think really is a "flutter street" understanding, if simple mean this literally, it is really no good speak of!

because everyone now i 've got everything, most basic content creation, but content marketing is essentially a way of thinking, is a strategic layout of marketing way!

requirements is our leading party can operate various ways, can let your customers to contact you, so will ask our content to attractive, really bring your accurate customer docking!

one sentence summary: content is king! and then has its own strategic layout is content marketing, of course everyone's understanding can be different, this is my understanding!

 [2019] the rise of cross-border electric business and those future trends style =

2. good content marketing should is began with planning, have layout to operate!

three directions:

1) product itself content

2) external production content

3) user buyer content

the three content is a sequential order,

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