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how to build "good" shopping experience?


recently there are many sellers in the group for help, facebook ads account hung up again, more sellers tucao said, facebook is fancy title, and new account more easy to hang. there's been a lot of talk about, facebook recently the thorough investigation of business class of advertising account ......

it's really such? not necessarily. facebook emphasis on user experience is really, but chaos title is wrong, as long as your advertising compliance, facebook casually will not seal date, so, dear advertisers with no worry about!

above we have talked about, facebook emphasis on user experience and customer feedback, that customer feedback on facebook advertisers have any impact?

facebook regularly via facebook platform advertising shopping user questionnaire survey, based on feedback for each merchant named a fraction, if businesses of score lower than 2 points, facebook will cut down its advertising coverage number.

based on survey responses for each e-commerce facebook public home score, range of 0 to 5 points.

· if businesses facebook public home is marked, and feedback score in 3 points or less, businesses sent an alert messages and notifications.

· in home failed to customer feedback score increased to 2 points or more each month, we will further reduce its sue put.

· if facebook public home score in 1 to 2 points, facebook will cut down its advertising.

· if facebook public home score lower than 1 points, facebook disables its advertising function.

note : score according to the latest survey feedback continuously updated, available to businesses in customer feedback board monitoring its fraction, and view a specific aspects of customer feedback, to take further measures improvement.

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( Editor:yi sinomax (hangzhou) science and technology limited company )