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tmall international "first shop economic" effects appear, future more than 100 pcs niche beauty brand settled


through tmall international first entered china market of imported niche beauty brand, with outstanding performance growth performance, attracted many large group of investment acquisition.

drunk like drunk elephant, filorga (filorga), jono doctor (dr. ci: labo), ahc beauty etc brand through tmall international expand chinese market after, were shiseido, colgate, johnson & johnson, unilever and other large fmcg group command of income.

october 7, shiseido group announced the acquisition of american high-end niche skin care brand drunk like, to expand skin care brand combination, catch young generation of beauty consumption new demand. august this year, drunk like settled tmall international, after 2 months development, have attracted nearly 30 thousand of brand member, and in no hype, turnover growth nearly 62 times, average goods unit price not less than 400 yuan.

niche beauty brand with segmentation and personality of the product positioning, in internet era much millennials. and after 95 young consumers have tmall global rise, this population for unique, personalized, meticulous beauty products demand boost the imported niche beauty grow.

for mining huge potential of the chinese cosmetics market, more and more niche beauty brand lead through tmall international out "first shop ". platform "first stores economy" effect accelerates the these brand growth, tmall international also become the large fmcg group acquisition of barometer ".

be unilever acquisition before, customized skin care brand ahc on 2016 settled tmall international, thanks tmall international operation support and data empowerment, ahc continuous 3-year running tmall double 11 beauty international brand sales first prize. september 2017, ahc parent was unilever bought.

niche imported brand borrow tmall international breakout success of another typical representative is jono doctor. 2013, jono doctor in shanghai takashimaya out chinese mainland first store, but because strategic failure soon pull out of china. february 2017, jono doctor set to enter china, changed to cross-border model settled tmall international, with 10 multiple skus, brand in 3 months sales surge 15 times, star of a single product cumulative sold 300 thousand bottles.

jono doctor in china strong growth johnson group accelerated layout its parent. october 2018, originally only hold jono doctor parent ci: z holdings19.9 % shares johnson group, decision to 14.3 billion yuan acquisition of remaining stake will ci: z holdings completely jaber.

" in recent years, imported beauty consumption upgrade trend more significantly, meet subdivision trend and personalized needs of niche beauty brand tmall global ushered in the outbreak growth." tmall international beauty industry head deer joe said, tmall international growth up niche beauty brand for large group with strong attraction, a international beauty of the new track is formation.

more imported niche beauty brand attention to tmall international platform services capabilities and value, actively through tmall international reach chinese consumers. according to deer joe expected, next year there will be over 100 niche beauty brand gradually be tmall international, these small congregation brand will feature 2 years leveraging nearly billions of chinese cosmetics market share, but will be growing at an average annual growth rate of more than 50%.

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( Editor:hugo )